Australian Hardwood Sleepers

 New – A Grade Australian Hardwood

Great for raised steps and prominent features”

New Australian hardwood railway sleepers that have not been used in the rail network.

Sleepers have four square sides with minor weathering and fading to driftwood colour. 

Wane may be present. 

Chemical-free and naturally durable.



Price: 2.1M $100 / 2.7M $135.50 Inc GST per sleeper

Dimensions: 2150mm OR 2750mm x 250mm x 115mm approx.

Durability: 25+ years

Minimum order: 20 sleepers

Weight: 65kg

Used Rustic Hardwood sleepers

“Authentic Ex-Rail & Bridge used Australian hardwood”

‘A’ & ‘B’ Grade used rustic hardwood sleepers

Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering. Splits and worn ends can be present.

 Ideal for retaining walls and edgings.

 Drift wood grey to light brown in colour.

Pre-Rustic – Untreated & naturally durable.

Dimensions: 2100mm OR 2400mm x 200mm x 140mm approx.

Durability: 25+ years

Minimum order: 15 or 20 sleepers
Subject to availability

Weight: 2.1M = 70kg & 2.4M = 80kg

Further images and information upon your inquiry today!

Australian hardwood sleepers, great for quality and durability, order some now.

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